• Willits 3D Ornament

    Ward W. Willits House
    Highland Park, Illinois. 1902-03
    Detail: Art Glass Skylight

  • Home & Studio 3D Ornament

    Oak Park Home & Studio
    Oak Park, Illinois (1895)
    Detail: Playroom Window

  • Luxfer Prism 3D Ornament

    Luxfer Prism
    Chicago, Illinois 1897
    Detail Molded Glass

  • Imperial 3D Ornament

    Imperial Hotel, Unrealized Window
    Tokyo, Japan (1913 - 1922)
    Demolished 1968

  • Robie Sconce 3D Ornament

    Frederick c. Robie House
    Chicago Illinois (1908)
    Bronze Wall Sconce

  • Heath Skylight 3D Ornament

    Heath Skylight 3D Ornament

    Wiliam R. Heath House
    Detail: Skylight Window
    Buffalo, NY 1904-05

  • Tree of Life 3D Ornament

    Darwin D. Martin House
    “Tree of Life” Art Glass Window
    Buffalo, New York (1904)

  • Martin Window 3D Ornament

    Martin Window 3D Ornament

    Darwin D. Martin House
    Pier Cluster Windows
    Buffalo, New York (1904)

  • Dana Butterfly 3D Ornament

    Dana-Thomas House
    Springfield, Illinois 1902-04
    Detail: Art Glass (Entry Fanlight)

  • Blossom Window 3D Ornament

    George Blossom House
    Detail: Leaded Glass Front Entry Sidelight
    Chicago, Illinois (1892)

  • Rookery 3D Ornament

    Rookery Building
    Chicago, Illinois 1905-07
    Stairway Baluster

  • Taliesin East 3D Ornament

    Taliesin East
    Entrance Sculpture
    Spring Green, WI (1940's)

  • Taliesin West 3D Ornament

    Taliesin West
    “Whirling Arrow”
    Scottsdale, AZ (1940)

  • Coonley Triptych 3D Ornament

    Avery Coonley
    Art Glass Window
    Riverside, IL (1912)